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Hi, my name is Corrina Dea and I started The Unlimited Stitch in April of 2013 when a sewing hobby got serious and turned into my own home-based sewing and embroidery business.  I have been blessed to be able to do what I love every day while being able to support my family financially and by being home and available for my lovely family of five.

Now as a mom of kids in competitive club sports, I have discovered that positively supporting your kids and their teammates during these impressionable years is very important.  Showing support through encouraging words and actions is crucial, but some of us love to wear our emotions on our chest, arms, heads, backs, and any where we can!  So the core of my business is creating spirit wear apparel and accessories so that moms, dads, family, and friends can support those who compete, but also for anyone who just wants to show pride in their activity, team, school, and community.  I've found that their are super fans for about any activity from chess to marching band to every other sport out there.  Mathletes to athletes, when you have a passion for an activity, a team or a town,  you want to let the world know.  I LOVE to help those folks come up with some cool things to wear and use to show that pride, but the best ideas come from my customers.

As part of my business, I utilize machine embroidery, heat transfer vinyl and traditional sewing techniques to create all my custom made apparel and accessories along with home decor items.  On top of creating all these items fan-loving items, I also take all those memorable apparel items and create t-shirt quilts and memory pillows to preserve those times and activities when they are all done.  Life is goes by fast, so have fun celebrating those times of cheering on your athlete or mathlete and then preserve those memories.  It all comes full circle and you get it all in one place - The Unlimited Stitch!

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