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Raggy-Style QUILT:

Your collection of shirts are cut in 13x13" squares and either layered with flannel and the back of the shirt or lined with a flannel fabric of your choice.  The edges of the shirts are sew together with the seams out and then snipped to create a fringed "raggy" look after it is washed.  This is a very fun look and most economical option at only $7/square to produce.  The other advantage to this quilt is that can have squares added to it over time as you collect more shirts.

A block quilt is one that your shirts are cut and backed with a special stabilizer to keep the shirts flat and square that they can be sewn together or lined with a border. Borders can be used to define each shirt into frames (left) or to make a smaller number of shirts into a larger quilt (like below). These quilts can be backed with a super cozy fleece or with a fun patterned cotton fabric.

Preserve great memories of loved ones or events by turning shirts, blankets, or other pieces of apparel into throw pillows which can turn keepsakes into a useful or decorative accent to keeps your memories alive.  I have had people bring me many things like afghans, t-shirts, PJ pants, jeans and more to turn into lovely memoirs. Some can even have a poem, saying or name embroidered on them to personalize them even more.

Whether you've purposefully collected those special articles of clothing over the past several years or have special items from a loved one that you can't bear to get rid of don't keep them hidden away in plastic bag a closet or the basement where no one can see them and appreciate them.  The Unlimited Stitch can help re-purposed that special collection into a useful and precious quilt or pillow that can be given as a gift for a special occasion or for daily rememberance of a loved one.


Here is an example of a raggy style quilt that was purposefully made to use the backs of the shirts because his number on the back was how old the boy was that season in soccer. 

Memory Pillows

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